The Fear of Rainbows

Noah and the Flood

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About the Video:

Noah was a man who was known by his faithfulness to God.  Noah did everything that God asked, and did not allow himself to be tempted by evil. Because of his faithfulness, God decided to save Noah from harm.  God told Noah to prepare for a great flood by building a huge ark.  

Once completed, God told Noah to fill it with his family and animals.  He was told to remain in the ark to avoid the floods and then wait until the earth was dry again. Noah did as God told him.  

The rains started and continued for 40 days and nights. Noah’s family stayed safe on the ark for months while the waters drained away and the ground became dry again.

After exiting the ark, Noah and his family worshiped God for His protection.  God promised Noah and his family that He would never flood the earth to destroy it again. As a sign of the promise, God put a rainbow in the sky. God saved Noah and his family because they were faithful to God.

Questions to Consider:

  1. Why did God choose to flood the whole earth?

  2. How did Noah show his faithfulness to God?

  3. Why did God put the rainbow in the sky?

  4. How can you show faithfulness to God?

Background to the Story:

  • The best way to understand the story of Noah is to set it in the context of Genesis 1-9. Genesis 1-9 tells us that God created the world and everything in it. God created people for a special relationship with God. (Genesis 1, 2)  People were tempted to sin and that created a barrier to their relationship with God (Genesis 3). Even though the relationship between God and humans changed, God still protected his people.

  • Over time, sin and evil were so present in the world that God decided to wipe it clean with a flood and start again. (Genesis 5-9) God found one man, Noah, and his family that were righteous. With great compassion, God protected the man and his family from the flood by telling them to build an ark. 

  • Once the people exited the ark, God placed a rainbow in the sky and made a covenant (or promise) with Noah and his family. God told the people to be “fruitful and multiply in numbers and fill the earth” (Genesis 9:1) and that God promised to never again destroy all life by the waters of a flood (Genesis 9:8). When we see a rainbow, we can remember that God protected Noah and his family and that God has promised to protect us, too.

Reference - Genesis 6-9